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God, in His love, calls all the faithful to the perfection of charity, through different states of life, to help accomplish the salvation of the world. Everyone must give a free and loving response to this call, so that the dignity of humankind and the Will of God may unite in harmony.  

A religious vocation is a gratuitous gift from God, a calling that is accepted and lived with generosity and love by men and women who choose a religious congregation as their “heritage in the land of the living.” Ps. 142:6

The Congregation of the Oblates to the Blessed Trinity accepts Catholic women, ages 18-40 (exceptions can be made with older women) who manifest a desire to consecrate themselves to God, and who possess the necessary aptitude to live the spirit of the Congregation and dedicate themselves to its apostolate.  

Formation consists in guiding and assisting the candidates in the growth of human, spiritual and religious values that contribute to the development of a religious vocation.

The primary goal of religious formation is to form the candidates in the life of Christ through an intimate union with Him, as well as through the practice of perfect charity as seen in the Gospels.

Formation has distinct stages grouped under two periods: initial formation, which ends with the perpetual profession, and ongoing formation, which embraces the entire life of the religious.

The Postulancy is a school of life in which the candidates live among the religious as in their own family, in an atmosphere of spirituality, simplicity, mutual respect and freedom.

The Postulancy is a period of preparation for the Novitiate. Its duration is from six months to a year.

The Novitiate holds an indispensable place in formation and in the entire religious life. In our Congregation the novitiate lasts two years. The first year is known as the canonical year. After a simple ceremony of investiture, in the presence of the community, the postulants become novices and begin the canonical year which is designated as a period of intense spiritual formation and study. During the second year of Novitiate, the novices, as part of their formation, will begin experiencing the ministry life of the Oblates together with professed sisters.

The Juniorate is the period of temporary vows during which the newly professed Sisters integrate themselves further into the community of the Oblates to the Blessed Trinity. The goal of the Juniorate is to continue to perfect the general and special religious instruction acquired during the Novitiate. It is also the time of preparation for the total self-giving of the religious to God through the profession of perpetual vows.

The period of temporary vows is from five to nine years. In this stage of formation, the Sisters strive to deepen and live their consecration to God while they continue their doctrinal, professional and apostolic preparation.

Permanent Formation
The Congregation offers its members an ongoing opportunity to grow and to form themselves in a day-by-day oblation to Trinitarian Love. The Oblates, by our very life, strengthen and vivify the Congregation and its apostolate through our personal growth in our consecration to God.

The Oblates do all that is possible to perfect our spiritual life. We take advantage of all the means and resources that the Church and the Congregation offer us for our continuous formation. We will consider important for the development of our religious life those initiatives which engender a deepening of the spirit and charism of the Congregation, of the values of the apostolate and those of the consecrated life.